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Brand of Wheels with Individual Parameters

Replay® became an established brand in 2008, having transformed from nameless wheels to products that meet the highest requirements. LS Replica is an alternative brand name that may be encountered in various sources. It was created spontaneously and is now more familiar to the web community and many customers. LS Replica or Replica LS were derived from two names – Replica and LS Wheels. Replica refers to copies of the original OEM wheels used by automotive companies to equip vehicles on their assembly lines. LS Wheels is another wheel make, which was imported by one supplier.

Currently, Replay® offers over 2,000 wheel models for virtually any vehicle make, including those used in commercial transport.

Replay® wheels are produced in Asia, under the supervision of Russian engineers and manufacturing technicians, including at the plants that make original OEM wheels. Wheels are made with alloy produced from high-quality raw materials, which meets the established standards applied in the OEM wheel production process.

All Replay ® wheels undergo quality control testing similar to that performed on OEM wheels.

In addition, we have introduced our own quality control standard called Qualex, the requirements of which are higher than for standard procedures. Qualex is a unique set of prerequisites to which our suppliers must adhere in aims of improving the technical properties and durability of our wheels during the use under Russia’;s environmental conditions.

Our specialists continuously monitor the following:

Despite an abundance of similar wheels represented on the market, every Replay® product can be easily distinguished by its box, made of five-layer corrugated cardboard (see the image below) and a wheel certificate.

Replay alloy wheel packaging

A wheel certificate includes all necessary information on warranty liabilities and a detailed wheel installation manual.

Any wheels that are packaged in different boxes have nothing to do with the Replay® brand, possibly with the exception of the wheel model index number. We cannot be held liable for the reliability and paint coating quality of such wheels and cannot guarantee their proper installation on your vehicle.

Many years of hard work has helped us to improve our products and guarantee that they meet the parameters of a specific car manufacturer, create a fantastic range of designs, paint colors and finishes, and that they are reasonably priced, which makes our wheels really affordable. What is even more important is the fact that we were able to replicate the quality of OEM wheels and improve them to the Qualex level!

Quality Standard

Our company’;s significant experience attests that that fact that the common international standards set for wheel quality, as well as its painting and finishing largely overlook Russian conditions and need to be improved.

Based on operating data about our wheels, our company’;s engineers have developed and implemented our own quality standard called Qualex, which takes into account the ISO standards generally accepted in the world, requirements of the international automotive producers regarding wheel quality, as well as Russia’;s climate and road conditions.

The Qualex quality standard guides the performance of the following:

Replay ® Alloy Wheel Creation

1. Numerical modeling and virtual testing

The quality control of wheels produced in compliance with Qualex standards begins at the design stage (CAD, CAM, and CAE tools). A 3D-modelled wheel undergoes the toughest virtual checks and testing. Such an approach enables us to identify and eliminate any potential problems and defects at the earliest stages.

Our wheels are developed by experienced Russian design engineers. These are they who personally accept pilot models of new wheels and check their compliance with the technical specifications outlined in the project design.

2. Wheel production

Before commencing mass production, we maintain increased focus on the following issues:

3. Testing

Wheel geometry and proportions

Every high-quality wheel has perfect proportions and geometry. Such a wheel is more durable and safe during its operation.

The following tests are carried out to control wheel geometry and proportions:

  1. Inspecting general wheel geometry using cutting-edge high-accuracy equipment (at least 10%).
  2. Testing of the radial and axial wheel rim run-out (100%).

Wheel weight distribution

The weight of any high-quality wheel is evenly distributed, which guarantees comfortable driving and helps to maintain vehicle steerability, without damaging any suspension components.

To control weight distribution, we apply 100% balancing control procedures.
Painting quality

High-grade paints and coatings, together with advanced painting techniques, ensure an exceptional wheel exterior for many years of usage.

In order to monitor the quality of painting and coating, wheels undergo corrosion resistance tests for 240 hours (taking Russian operating conditions into account).

Alloy quality

A superior alloy is the key to the high endurance and durability of any wheel.

The following tests help us to control alloy quality:

  1. Monitoring chemical composition and identifying alloy impurities.
  2. Testing for wheel leakage to identify through pores in a wheel (100%).
  3. X-ray control and fault detection.

Real load simulation

To determine if a quality wheel can be used, we test it on stands with real load simulation.
To simulate real load conditions, we apply the following tests:

  1. Rotating bending fatigue test.
  2. Dynamic radial load test.
  3. Impact toughness test.

IMPORTANT: If a wheel does not pass one of the tests, a detailed investigation is conducted in order to identify and eliminate the causes of its defects. Depending on how serious discrepancies are, we can recall several wheels or even a whole batch of wheels.

4. Wheel packaging

All wheels produced according to the Qualex quality system are wrapped in a plastic bag, rag pack, and an original box made of multilayer corrugated cardboard with the quality control system logo. Each box contains a branded wheel use certificate.